Collegium: A Year of Voice Alchemy

This is a year long experiential online program for women and those who identify as feminine gender. It offers a monthly 60 minute group class online through Zoom Meeting or FB Live in which we delve deeply into the musical element of the season and how it applies to our lives and the Wheel of The Year – Medicine Wheel – Natural Season Cycles. Just as each season has an element and direction it has a theme that corresponds to the seat of our personal power, our voice.

There are other groups out there that explore music, magic, spirituality or feminine empowerment, but this course is different in that it pulls it all together, the physical and the emotional, the practical with the mystical, the mundane and the spiritual into one sacred space. In this course, I draw on my more than 30 years of training, experience and expertise as a professional vocalist, voice strategist and performance coach, as well as my knowledge of cross-continental spiritual traditions and holistic healing methods such as reiki, meditation, and the use of crystals for activating your physical and metaphorical voice power.

Best of all, we have fun! We gather in a secret Facebook group to develop our individual voices and deepen our relationship with each other. The group is guided by the needs of the the collective so share your ideas and experiences in the Facebook group. We are all always learning from each other.

No previous experience with music, magic, reiki, meditation or spirituality is necessary!
Registration is open year-round.
Class is $20USD per month when you sign up for the year in advance or pay in full for a season.

Seasonal Installment Plans and Individual Pick Up Classes are $22USD per class.
Pick Up Class members are not added to the Facebook group.
All classes are recorded and available for later and repeated viewing through a secret link.

The Correspondences of the Seasons are:
Winter: Silence/North/Earth/Rejuvenate (January, February, March)
Spring: Melody/East/Air/New Beginnings (April, May, June)
Summer: Rhythm/South/Fire/Growth (July, August, September)
Fall: Harmony/West/Water/Harvest (October, November, December)

**Please note that Collegium is a year-round, ongoing program. This schedule represents a window of activities and meetings but members are welcome to register any time. All sessions are recorded for later viewing by registered participants.

Three Convenient Ways to Invest In Yourself! Yearly, Seasonally or Monthly

Collegium: A Year of Voice Alchemy  Give Yourself A Gift! Join Now for the year!
$20 a month – 12 month subscription or $240 one time payment for the year. 


Join Winter:Season of Silence!
Join Now Winter 2018 $60 paid in full Join Now blue or $22 per month Join Now blue

Join Now Spring 2018 $60 paid in full or $22 per month 

Join Now Summer 2018 $60 paid in full or $22 per month

Join Now Autumn 2018 $60 paid in full or $22 per month

Busy Schedule? Tell Me About it, Sister! Want to try it out first before you commit? You sound like me! By Special Request from returning members, you can now Join A Pick Up Class!
No need to buy a whole season, drop in as you like for just $22 a class. Join Now Green

All classes will be recorded so you don’t lose anything if you registered but can’t attend live AND you can always watch again using a secret link.

Cancellation policy: Your credit card will automatically be billed each month if you choose a subscription payment plan. I hope you love the program, but if you choose to cancel your subscription you can do so at any time and your payments will stop. There are no refunds given. If you cancel you will have access to the material and online FB Group through your next payment date at which point all payments will stop and you will stop receiving the program materials and be removed from the FB Group.

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