Is Working With A Voice Coach For You?

Is working with a voice coach for you? Your first thought might be,“Me, work with a voice coach? No, I’m not a singer. Why would I need a voice coach?” Many of us never think about how our vocal habits influence our personal lives and careers, we just talk.

Think about it for a moment. Ask yourself, “Is working with a voice coach for me?”

It might be if:

Your voice gets tired or hoarse after talking.
Your work relies on verbal communication, meaning that you talk to customers, give speeches, presentations, or facilitate training sessions.
You like to talk a lot (like me!) and want to keep doing so!
You’re job hunting or applying to college and want to develop a stronger, more well-rounded and confident sound for interviews.
You sing, coach sports, or like to cheer at concerts or ball games.
You attend business functions and are required to talk over loud music.
You want to make sure you are speaking as well as you can.
You want to change something about your voice.
You feel your “vocal image”, meaning the sound of your voice, doesn’t accurately represent you or your abilities.

And one for the performing artists among us…

You want to be able to make it through an evening’s performance and talk to your adoring fans without pain! (Yes, it is possible! Trust me!)

These are just a smattering of reasons why you may start working with a professional voice coach.

If, after asking yourself the question, you’re interested in learning more about how a voice coach can assist you in attaining your personal and professional goals, please contact me.

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