Music Lessons

I offer music lessons for piano and guitar for ages 5 and up. I begin children’s voice lessons at age 8. Lessons are scheduled for either a half hour or one hour session, once a week. One half hour session, once a week, is standard for most beginning students. This allows for adequate practice time at home before the next lesson. As students advance, or prepare for special performances, lessons may be expanded to one hour.

In 25 years of private teaching, I have never found it necessary to require an adult student, or the parent(s) of a minor student, to sign a contract committing to lessons for months, or a year, in advance. I believe it to be impractical for young students beginning their musical explorations and a hindrance to learning in these difficult financial times. That said, I do ask that payments be made monthly at the first lesson of each month as it makes for easier recordkeeping and that any unused paid lessons be completed as to give the student time to consider continuing.

Please see my Music Studio Policy page or Contact Me for more specifics.

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