Summer Voice School

Summer Voice School – (Not Just for Teachers)

Does this sound familiar?

You’re a great teacher but your voice is letting you down!
Your voice is dry and you need throat lozenges all the time.
You have difficulty talking over the kids and background noise.
Your coaching job is killing your classroom voice.
You have asthma or allergies that are worsened in the classroom.
You have frequent sinus or throat infections and still need to show up at work.
You have a hard time making it through the work day without getting hoarse.

You are not alone!
58% of classroom teachers report being under vocal strain every year. This percentage increases when you look at those who coach sports, cheer, and believe it or not, teach music. You could easily be one of them.

The truth is this: Proper voice technique is rarely, if ever, taught in teacher training programs.

When you rely on your voice for your livelihood you need to be on top of your game every day!

Vocal strain doesn’t just adversely effect your career and your success in the classroom, it flows over into your personal life negatively impacting your relationships with your family, your friends, your choices in how you spend your free time, and is a difficult health challenge to recover from given constant use.

I know this firsthand.

I was a classroom teacher, with a large following of clients in my private practice, and played gigs on the weekends. I was a professional corporate trainer providing public speaking and voice image programs for professionals.

Over the last 25 years, I have spent most of my days as a professional speaker and singer. I have battled thyroid disease and acid reflux. I’ve learned to deal with extensive environmental and food allergies. Each of these present their own challenge to a professional voice user.

Imagine having them all at the same time!

Luckily, as a voice teacher and voice image specialist, I had the training to navigate my way through this maze of vocal uncertainty. My voice today, at 51, is beautifully warm, strong and flexible. I sing regularly at venues in the NY Metro area and can talk a mile a minute.

Voice Health is of utmost importance to me. It’s why I do what I do. Voice Preservation Coaching should be part of every teacher training program and it should be part of every teacher’s regimen for good health.

This is why I have created “Summer Voice School” for Teachers to help you teach and coach with enthusiasm, so you and your students can excel in the classroom and on the field, to help you enjoy your family and free time without voice pain, and aid you in learning what to do to prevent what could be a serious career threatening injury.

This one week Summer Voice School course is an introduction to voice preservation skills will consist of 3 FB Live Chats in a private FB Group with support and Q&A Feedback from me, along with downloadable handouts of tips and things to think about, that you can immediately implement to get you on the road to healthy voice use.

This FB Live group training comes with an option for 1 one on one session, we will meet via SKYPE, What’s App? Or via telephone for  1-60 session with additional support by email between sessions. I’ve designed this as a powerful way to give you personalized support to help you put voice preservation skills in place before you are back in the classroom. This saves you time, stress and money.

As this work is so important to me, I am also offering 1 – 30 minute session for those who want to protect their voice but have less availability and prefer shorter sessions.

It is Summer after all!

In working with Kathleen, I am impressed by her ability to reduce complex concepts into simple understandable terms resulting in success. ~ Naomi Bittner

Kathleen has the ability to rapidly and accurately assess possibilities and offer realistic and achievable alternatives. ~ Anna Ernhardt

You will learn strategies to:

*Prevent vocal strain
*Prepare your voice for the work day
*Combat dryness, allergies and illness
*Manage your daily vocal load
*Find your best speaking range
*Project the voice with ease and clarity

Do you want to communicate all day ease?

Can you see yourself enjoying time with your family instead of needing a vocal rest period?

Are you ready to commit to improving your own vocal and overall health and well being?

Sign me up PayPAL LINK

$199  1 – 60 minute One on One sessions, FB Live Class and Private FB Group

$149  1 – 30 minute One on One sessions, FB Live Class and Private FB Group

$ 99  One week FB Live Class and Private FB Group Only

If you are ready to have a fun and exciting year without experiencing vocal strain, I can help.

Soon, you’ll be getting ready to go back to school. You’ll prepare your classroom and your lesson plans but will you prepare your voice to have the healthy year you deserve?

Teachers have the highest vocal demands of any profession. They are required to talk for many hours a day with more and more students in the classroom every year.

If you are ready to protect your most valuable teaching tool, your voice, this is for you.

SIGN ME UP Pay pal link with all the options again


$99 FB Live Class and Private FB Group only

$149 for FB Live Class, Private FB Group and 1 – 30 minute One on One Session

$199 for FB Live Class, Private FB Group and 1- 60 minute One on One Session















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