Tarot: A Year of Voice and Biz Power


For the first time, I am teaching an online course about the tarot! This course is recorded and accessible anytime via an online archive once you subscribe. Beginning in January 2018, we will learn one new tarot technique or concept each month and relate it to your own life experience. This is a crucial step that will enable you to do readings for yourself or others. This class is structured toward the beginning reader but there will be something for everyone, I promise. Class will be approximately 30 – 40 minutes and have us journeying from The Fool to The World and the four corners of the Earth throughout the year as we explore the history and organization of the Tarot and apply what we learn to creating questions, card spreads, reading for ourselves and others, and expand our knowledge of archetypes for voice empowerment and biz/career success, as well as other needs of the group. 

In addition, we will gather in a secret Facebook group to further grow our knowledge outside of the recorded class. This will be our safe space for learning and sharing. You will be invited to the group when you register for the class. A link to the recorded monthly class will be posted in the Facebook group on the last Friday of each month.


As the main monthly class will be recorded, there will also be pop up mini-classes, tarot riddles and activities shared via Facebook LIVE to address questions, review concepts, to help pull it all together and activate your intuition so that you gain a broad understanding of the presented concepts and learn to do simple yet powerfully insightful readings. 

This is a co-ed class. All are welcome! No previous experience necessary!

One does not have to be the follower of any particular spiritual path to participate. Curiosity, An Open Mind, Honesty and Respect for Others are the only requirements. This class uses the Rider Waite Smith deck, more commonly referred to as The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, as I consider it to be the foundational deck for modern learning. You’ll find out why when you join! Should you need to purchase a Rider Waite Smith deck for this class, you can find them at a variety of local book and media stores, and online.

Tarot Course Monthly Membership $22USD monthly paid via cash, check (local only) or PayPal

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**Please note that Sorella Sorcière Tarot is a year long, ongoing program. This schedule represents a window of activities and meetings but members are welcome to register any time.

Cancellation Policy: Your credit card will automatically be billed each month if you choose the 12 month subscription payment plan. I hope you love the program, but if you choose to cancel your subscription you may do so at any time and your payments will stop. There are no refunds given. If you cancel you will have access to the material and online Facebook Group through your next payment date at which point all payments will stop, you will stop receiving the program materials and be removed from the Facebook Group.

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