Voice School Online

Voice School Online Winter 2018

Is this you?

Your voice is dry and tired.
You use lozenges, lifesavers and gum all the time.
You have difficulty talking over background noise.
Your coaching job is killing your voice.
You have asthma or allergies that effect your voice.
You don’t like the sound of your voice.
You aren’t being considered the career opportunities you desire.
You’re not getting cast in the parts you want or have difficulty with range.
You have a hard time making it through the work day without getting hoarse.

You are not alone!

Most people experience voice issues at some point in their lives. The odds of this increase exponentially if you work in a noisy atmosphere where you have to struggle to be heard in order to do your job.

The truth is this: When you rely on your voice for your livelihood you need to be on top of your game every day!

Vocal strain doesn’t just adversely effect your career and your success in the workplace, it flows over into your personal life negatively impacting your relationships with your family and your friends, it influences your choices of how you spend your free time, and is a difficult health challenge to recover from given constant use.

Voice Health is of utmost importance to me. Voice Preservation Skills should be part of everyone’s work out program but voice health isn’t something most of us think about until we can’t talk.

This Voice Alchemy: Voice School Online course is an introduction to voice preservation and voice image strategies. It consists of 3 FB Live Chats in the private Voice and Biz Alchemy FB Group with online support and Q&A Feedback from me, along with downloadable tip sheets and strategy activities you can implement immediately to get yourself on the road to healthy voice use and avoid what could become a career threatening injury.

You will learn strategies to:Voice Alchemy Star

Prevent vocal strain
Prepare your voice for the work day
Combat dryness, allergies and illness
Manage your daily vocal load
Find your best speaking range
Project the voice with ease and clarity

Do you want to communicate all day ease?

Can you see yourself enjoying time with your family instead of needing a vocal rest period?

This Free offering is perfect for anyone who needs to talk many hours a day, who wants to amp up their effectiveness with clients or students, and is interested in a holistic approach to voice health and voice power. 

If you are ready to protect your most valuable communication tool, your voice, this is for you.

Still unsure, read some of the Praise for the Voice Alchemy progam and Voice School Online!

If distance learning in a group environment is not for you, I am offering a special rate for new one on one clients, 3 one hour sessions for $150 to be used during the month of February. 

Please contact me here, with any questions or concerns. If you prefer you may send a private message through my Facebook business page or the Voice and Biz Alchemy Group, I’d love to schedule time to chat.

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