Using your voice in the right way, opens doors, builds confidence AND puts you back on the path to success.  It can even save your life… It saved mine!

My training as an educator, classically schooled singer/dancer and holistic healer led me to develop, The Magic of Voice Alchemy, my “whole person” approach to voice preservation and personal/professional image enhancement. A melding of voice science, classical voice technique, metaphysics, spirituality and body awareness, Voice Alchemy produces immediate results.

Whether clients wish to move up the corporate ladder, speak their truth to those they love, stop saying “yes” when they want to say “no”, conquer stage fright, or sing and speak well in front of an audience, they get results applying my insights and time tested voice exercises to their lives both off and on stage. Best of all, my clients project confidence, sincerity and professionalism while speaking their truth.

Dare to turn the doorknob of success and step into the life you’ve always dreamed of, become a  S. T. A. R.  ~Spectacular Talent Acknowledged Repeatedly~

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Kathleen Gubitosi’s Voice Alchemy online live classes are a must see for anyone wishing to improve their vocal skills in singing or speaking. Her presentation was inviting, knowledgeable, informative and detailed. It is clear she knows her subject matter and conveys her lessons in an approachable and easy to understand manner. Her comprehensive classes touched on pillars of what is needed to improve one’s skills and I found her engaging and inclusive in her interactions with her students. I recommend her lessons to the beginner through the more advanced student. She’s a joy to learn from.

Randi Meares Brodmann

ND, MFA, CNC, (CLWMS), Integrative Wellness Services for Women

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I contacted you, never expecting you to find time to help me with more than just sheet music. Not only did you find the time, but you went out of your way to find the best arrangement for me and review exercises to help me to speak and sing through my grief. I am forever grateful.

Lisa Scala

Welcoming Impressions

In working with Kathleen, I am impressed by her ability to reduce complex concepts into simple understandable terms resulting in success.

Naomi Bittner

Registered Nurse

Kathleen was my private voice coach in high school, and she was exceptional. I always had a nice voice and good grades, but colleges often look for something that will make you stand out. Kathleen challenged me and helped me through auditions with the most difficult song I’ve ever sang. Thanks to her talent, passion and exceptional teaching ability, she helped me to nail my audition and in turn be accepted to the college of my choice.

Gina Montoro

Attorney at Law

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