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Create your Divinely Inspired Financially Thriving Business!

Do you wake up exhausted?
Do you dread going to work?
Do you feel stuck in a dead end job that is unfulfilling?
Do you live for weekends that fly by way too fast?
Do you ask yourself, “What about me?”

You know there’s gotta be something better than this!
You know you need to make a change but aren’t sure what to do.
You crave the freedom to move at your own pace, the mobility to work from anywhere in the world and the deep sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing your life has meaning and your work in the world makes a difference in A BIG WAY.

I hear ya, Sister. I was right where you are, stuck in a job where I worked long hours, evenings and weekends with little time for family, friends or fun. I was so cranky that I’d snap at the littlest things and so worn out that I’d start crying at the drop of a hat.

The final straw came when I couldn’t contain my bottled up anger. I had finally cracked. I just couldn’t take it any more.

I wised up! I began to formulate my exit strategy. I already had an established voice and performance coaching business that fed my soul so I expanded into online classes and group coaching. The more I thought about it, I realized my business acumen and teaching experience could help other women gain the freedom and creative expression that comes from having their own Divinely Inspired Financially Thriving Business.

I offer Biz Alchemy Mentoring to help women like Me have a shot at a better life.

You CAN have a Divinely Inspired Financially Thriving Business!

I’m doing it and You can too! You just gotta believe in yourself! 

In the Biz Alchemy Mentoring Program you will learn how to:Biz Alchemy Kathleen Gubitosi

*Use your unique Voice Magic to gain visibility and share your
message world-wide
*Market your earthly and spiritual gifts so you can prosper through divine inspiration
*Gain clarity toward business creation or expanding your existing business
*Develop a plan of action for making it real!
*Prepare for the “Graceful Exit” from the JOB that’s keeping you down
*Activate the power of nature’s timings to grow and sustain your business with ease year after year!

The Biz Alchemy 90 Day Mentoring Program

This 90 Day Premium One on One Package Includes:

*Weekly 60 minute sessions done via telephone or Skype (1 week off each month)
*Weekly private email/text support in between sessions for extra support
*Access to my secret VIP Best Practices for Online Marketing
*Voice Magic Passion Branding Tools to help you stand out from the crowd and create a high level income.
*A proven step by step Alchemical Process for blending all of your amazing skills into a wonderful online offering. This is a process you can use over and over again to increase your income and free up your time as you grow the Divinely Inspired Financially Thriving Business you’ve always wanted.

*Bonus! Surprise Gifts along the way!
*Bonus! Voice Alchemy Voice School Online Membership (Value $599, optional)

Voice Alchemy red guitar kathleen gubitosi


More than a coach, I am a co-creating mentor, a partner in your success. I guide you through a time tested process that sifts the pyrite from the gold and gets down deep into the heart and soul of what you want to do and who you would most love to serve.

Create YOUR Divinely Inspired Financially Thriving Business and gain the freedom and fulfillment you deserve!

Your time is NOW! $2,700 Paid in Full  

Or Invoicing available $915.00 a month for three months Join Now Green

If you’re like me, and I think you are, you want to try before you buy. I’d be more than happy to offer you a free consultation to see how I can help and determine if we’re a good fit to work together.

If you’d like to chat please email me the answers these questions through my contact me page and I’ll be in touch to determine a mutually agreeable date and time. I look forward to speaking with you. 

1- What do you feel is your biggest struggle right now?

2- What have you tried in the past to resolve this?

3- What three feelings do you want to bring more of into your life?

4- On a scale of 1 to 5, how committed are you to overcoming this problem?


Looking for the fast track? On a tighter budget right now?
I get it, believe me!

Biz Alchemy Laughing KG 

If so, a Biz Alchemy Jump Start Session may be the answer!

This is a powerfully insightful 1/2 day session consisting of 4 1/2 hours with three 10 minute breaks. Financial Freedom CAN Be Yours using Voice and Biz Alchemy!

 Pay Pal Button $499 Paid in Full

ALL OF THIS is available with or without my added expertise with WordPress. If you would like to add on the Biz Alchemy WordPress Package you will get…Biz Alchemy KG

A new website or re-vamp of the home, about, service summary page and contact page on your existing site, featuring images supplied by you, and co-created copy, in your chosen color scheme. I will assist with domain name and hosting purchase. I do the techie work for you!

ADDED BONUS!!! I’ll teach you how to use the site so you can save money and don’t needlessly spend your newfound riches paying a webmaster to do updates, add pages, posts or pictures.

Biz Alchemy WordPress Package
Add on $1,600. Paid In Full


Biz Alchemy Kahtleen Gubitosi

This includes:
The ENTIRE Biz Alchemy 90 Day Mentoring Program
AND Biz Alchemy WordPress Package

$4,299.00 Paid In Full

Or Invoicing available for 3 monthly installments of $1,450. each. Join Now Green




Biz Alchemy Kathleen Gubitosi

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