This has been on my mind all week. I’ve spent a lot of time scrolling through my Facebook news feed checking in on friends. I don’t typically spend a lot of time on FB. I usually go on, wish folks happy birthday, scroll a bit, visit some groups that I’ve been in for a long time and then log off.

For whatever reason, this week I got sucked into the vortex by something and noticed a lot of posts from friends who are all complaining about seeing too many ads on FB! Curiously, I had noticed the same thing in my news feed. Lots of ads, lots of online webinars etc… One thing I surmise from reading the ads is that many of these folks must be studying with the same teacher/mentor/expert because they all say the same thing, they all have the same photos, they all, for the most part, use the same language and have the same personality!

It reminds me of a few years ago being on the production staff of a local musical when all of the young ingenues came in dressed alike, with the same hair cut, same make up, and singing in the same broken style of a too heavy pop low register and a lyrical head voice. No blend, and worse, no real emotion, no real relationship to the material or the others in the room. Perhaps it’s being on so many auditions where the production staff barely looks at the talent, but I don’t think so, I think we are becoming a cookie cutter world and it saddens me.

I’m not the girl next door. Yes, I love jeans, t-shirts and yoga pants but I also love gowns, sparkly jewelry and bright lipstick. I’m known for it. I’ve been described by it. The tall woman with the bold lipstick wearing the red trenchcoat. Like Paloma Picasso, like Carolina Herrera, like others you can think of that have a signature look or element… that’s me.

I can be dramatic in looks, voice and personality. It’s why I have a list of evil queens as favorite roles I’ve played. Yet, one of the most surprising things people discover is how much of a down to earth regular person I am. How real.

We have enough cookie cutter folks in the news feed. Don’t be one of them. Be yourself, however quirky you are, because we need REAL Voices now more than ever!



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