Business and Generally Good Planning Tip. My Dad always told me to be successful you had to have, and be on, a schedule and it was best to have the schedule posted where you’d see it all the time. The reason being consistent effort over time yields results and you need to see your goals to stay focused on them.
Dad has given me many good tips over the years and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been so successful in both musical, corporate and entrepreneurial life. I understand business, money, music, teaching/coaching and planning.
I got this advice from my Dad as a kid many years before the “cool” planners… Desires, Passions, Your Fantastic Year, Vision Boards etc… were in fashion. So, before you go out an buy that expensive planner that you probably won’t be able to keep up with, try this idea.
Take a regular wall sized calendar and some poster board, mine is blank but you can make yours fancy, take the pages out of the calendar and tape/glue to the poster board then put up on a wall or lay it out on the floor.
Start planning your year, not only the drop deadline/performance dates but also the dates you need to complete stuff in order to post or perform it for the deadline. This is usually a few days ahead.
I have mine color coded. Red= Voice Alchemy/Collegium, Blue=Medford Music, Purple= Sorella Sorciere/Tarot and Green= Biz Alchemy…First Q is totally full so before I fill in 2nd Q I thought I should post a clean copy. 🙂 You can also buy a dry or wet erase calendar in any office supply or online. I like seeing the year at a glance.
K's Wall Calendar Schedule 2018

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