Connection! Relationship!

These are our business buzz words! 

Connection! Relationship!

It is vital to your success in any field!

In the business world it helps you sell your product or service by ensuring your message is heard and received.

It’s your believability, your sincerity, your humanity, resulting in repeat business, sight unseen, by those you have “connected” with and via “referrals”, from the folks who trust you.

Connection and Relationship breed Trust.

In a relationship, or business context, connection means being present and giving your family member, your friend, your co-worker, or your customer, your full attention.

Remembering that the other person in the conversation is the most important person, and your interaction with him/her is the most important event happening, is essential to success.

So many times we see people texting while speaking to another face to face. While this might be ok for those in the techie world, or our younger folks who grew up with fast paced technology, sooner or later we will each encounter individuals and/or groups who expect acknowledgment and demand our undivided attention.

I remember several years ago I was out grabbing a cup of tea/coffee with two friends. We were involved in a lively conversation when one of the guys from the neighborhood walked in, asked if he could join us, and promptly sat down to chat. I honestly don’t remember any part of the ensuing conversation. What I do remember, is that during the  40 minutes he sat with us, he directed his conversation and comments solely to my male friend, gave only cursory glances to my female friend, and he didn’t once look at me.

The reasons for this don’t matter.

What matters is that he ignored two thirds of his audience.

I remember that I thought it unusual and after a while I began to think it rude. Your customer and your audience, whoever they are, will remember such behavior as well; and then they’ll buy from someone else!

I know many of you reading this are in the arts, and so you’re thinking, “Customers, what customers?!?” 

Face it, Artsy Types; your Audience is your Customer, and as the song goes… “It’s a business.”

  • The people who buy tickets are your customer.

  • The people who arrange the bookings are your customer.

  • The people who cast shows are your customer.

  • The people who buy art and recordings are your customer.

You need to deliver quality goods and create a connection. Give the customer someone to relate to, someone they feel they can trust.

We, artsy performers, do it all the time in shows.

Apply it to other areas of your life.

This works whether your looking to be hired for a cabaret show, a speaking engagement, having your artwork exhibited, are selling financial services, applying for a grant for community development or marketing the ultimate medical cure!

You see, my friends, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if you don’t create a connection. Without relating to your customer, you won’t get the sale.

Clinching the deal means offering a quality product or service that fits the customer’s need and being a person they can connect with.

The best sales people don’t necessarily have the best product but they are the best at creating relationships and developing trust.

This is what gets the repeat business. This is what gets the referrals. This is what fills the “pipeline”, as they say in the business world, and this what gets people in the seats for every show you do or every exhibit you have. As a business person, or an artist, you must deliver a quality product within the context of a professional relationship built on connection and trust in order to earn the business every time.

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