Christmas 2017- What can I say? I am truly blessed with a family that loves me!

I could begin explaining all of the changes I’ve made in my life over the last seven years due to adult onset food allergies but that would make a short fireside novel. Learning how to cook would take up at least three chapters by itself! Let alone the arguments I had with medical professionals prior to diagnosis and, of course, the shift in my social life.

Having dealt with chronic illness at a young age, I already knew the drill, eat before you leave home, always carry snacks with you, blah, blah, blah, ad infinitum. Still, nothing prepared me for what lay ahead in my forties. Some say it’s “change of life”, others the effects of GMOs, still others claim it’s part of an autoimmune cluster. It doesn’t really matter which, or if all, of these is the cause.

Should we ensure our food isn’t poison? Yes! Should we learn to manage “change of life” better? If you figure that one out, let me know! Do we need to pay attention not only to the biological manifestations of disease but also the emotional, familial patterns and energetic body balance needed to manage autoimmune disorders? Yes, I think it could be any or all of these.

I speak as one who nearly lost my life to an incredibly fast onset of Crohn’s Disease in my 20s. Speaking of family love, I am alive today simply because my parents argued with the doctor and said they were taking me to the hospital. Once there, a wonderfully skilled and very kind surgeon laid out the facts as he saw them, and with little time to spend, went about saving my life.

But that’s not what this post is about. See what I mean about that fireside novel?! 🙂

This post is about how wonderfully welcome and safe my Christmas was because of the kindness, consideration, and LOVE, of my family and how they show it through food awareness. This is an instance where food is, indeed, an expression of LOVE.

So here goes… Daddy made a special trip to Meat Farms to get me Italian bread WITHOUT seeds, Mommy made me GLUTEN and NUT FREE Chocolate Chip Cookies, my sister made MEATLESS lasagna and separate sauce for me, along with a ham, and pineapple (my favorite fruit)! Her fiance, provided deviled eggs, potatoes and veggies and my brother, made two pies I could eat! If only I’d had room! Then again that’s what left overs are for!!!

We laughed over old family stories with my niece, my nephew, and one of their good friends, then had more laughs over Mom and Dad’s one stop shopping! Holidays can be stressful for anyone, they can be anxiety inducing for those of us with dietary restrictions or food allergies. My family has always made sure I have as much holiday cheer as the rest.

Christmas with The Gubitosi’s…Priceless!

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