Happy New Year!


Now that the holidays are over, I’m back at work dreaming up new ideas and processes to help you gain more confidence and up your charisma for 2017!

We have a lot of interesting things in store for the coming year!

Please share my website with your friends and family. You never know who could be secretly wishing for music lessons or looking for a way to improve their personal or professional presence. I see a lot of ads this time of year for image consultants and stylists who work on your hair cut and your clothes. It’s awfully fun to get a new haircut and wardrobe to celebrate your individuality and work with someone who can help bring out your inner sparkle.

The same is true for your voice except that instead of styles that come and go; you are improving yourself. You only have one voice. It needs to be flexible, reliable, clear and expressive every day of your life. Keep it in good repair! You may not have thought about it but your voice is more precious than the car you take in every 3,000 miles for it’s oil change.

A Voice Check Up with a Voice Preservation Coach can act as a preventative. Knowing how your voice reacts to weather, stress and changes in health is empowering and gives you more control over your “image” every day no matter where you are, who your are with, or how you are dressed, even at home in your pajamas! But I digress!

New Year! New Exciting Things Coming! Stay Tuned!

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