Me? A Professional Voice User?

Yes, indeed!

Many more of us fall into the category of professional voice user than you might suspect. Exceptional job performance for many of us relies heavily upon vocal stamina and expressionMaking presentations to large groups and constant usage, as well as the need for dynamic vocal expression on the job, day after day, can take a toll on the voice leaving the speaker sounding hoarse and feeling tired.

Working with a voice coach can help you avoid this and many other pitfalls!

You are a professional voice user if you are a…

Tour Guide
Event Planner
Medical Professional
Member of the Clergy
Fitness Instructor
Investment Broker/Trader
Business Owner or Executive
Marketing Director
Girl Scout/Boy Scout Volunteer
Team Leader/Sports Coach
Customers Service/Call Center Representative
Corporate Trainer
Recruiter/Head Hunter
Not for Profit Director/Fundraiser

And of course, Performing Artist/Broadcast Journalist/ TV and/or Radio Personality

Those of us in the above professions, or volunteer positions, should consider working with a voice coach to preserve vocal health and improve the quality of our interactions with others.

A voice coach can help you:

Identify your optimal pitch so your voice doesn’t get tired
Develop proper breathing technique to increase your energy
Improve sound quality to captivate your audience
Gain and project confidence at work and/or at home
Increase volume control so your voice is appropriate for the office or classroom
Broaden your emotional expression to keep interactions/presentations alive
Create overall healthy vocal habits to last a lifetime

Please contact me, if you’re interested in learning more about how partnering with a voice coach can help support your career objectives as you sustain a healthy voice for life.

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