It is New Year’s Eve and we stand at The Door of Possibility. 2017 brought many changes to my life and my business. Many people and things were lost, friendships transitioned, daily visits now limited primarily to Facebook posts, loved ones both young and old who passed from this world to the next, and my career again, changed.

Moments like NYE are the perfect time to celebrate these endings. As the great wheel of life turns bringing with it constant change we should remind ourselves that all endings are also beginnings. We are always transitioning and hopefully, transforming and evolving along the way.

Each of these events were blessings, in that the circumstances brought lessons and a deeper knowledge of myself, even if it was difficult, painful or beyond my control.

My life, my love, my business are all celebrations of voice, the sounding of words. Over the course of 2017, I have needed to remind myself of lessons I learned long ago. Words are visual/vocal/aural symbols for thoughts and ideas. Words, the ones we speak to ourselves and over others can be either a blessing or a curse. I would ask you to remember this in your own life as we move into 2018. It is an exercise in extreme mindfulness! Think of the intention, the meaning, the vibration, of your words before you speak them, even if only to yourself, especially to yourself!, as words create your reality. 

A tradition or ritual that I’ve heard a lot of people talking about this week is a Word of The Year. I’ve done this a few times but not in many years. The reason is that you must be intensely committed to learning your word in all of its forms! You see, there is a caveat which comes from choosing a Word of The Year. The caution here is that “Word” becomes your learning experience for the year. The “Word” will challenge you by providing life lessons through both its light and dark aspects. Long term goals are a great thing; and committing to “learning your word” is not something to enter into lightly. May you be blessed in your choice if you choose one.

For me, the New Year represents a doorway to possibility. It is a time for reflection and a time for dreams for today we stand in what we call liminal space, the time between what was and what is next. If you are looking for a special New Year ritual that’s a little different, here is one I’ve used, from one of my teachers, and I think you’ll find it very powerful.

Imagine you are standing between two doors. You can conjure up whatever you think they look like, a door, a gate, fancy, or not, however you want them to look.

Open the door to your right and inside put all of the things, relationships, places, situations, feelings and experiences that you are leaving behind in 2017. Everything that is staying in 2017 goes in there. Whatever it is, whoever it is.. is NOT coming into 2018 with you! Once it’s all in there… before you close the door… Give Thanks… because every thing, every one, every experience, every feeling of 2017 taught you something and you could not have arrived at this “in between” space without it! It could be as simple as saying, “Thank you, but I’m done.” After you Give Thanks, close the door, and turn your back on it and all the things, relationships, feelings, situations it contains, because they are not coming with you! This can be scary or make you nervous, but you can do it!

Now, turn to your left. The door on the left is The Door of Possibility, The Door of Potential. Beyond this door are all of the Yes! moments that have yet to arrive! This is everything you wish to become, to receive, all that you hope to bring into being. Think of those things, imagine it! All those Yes! moments. They are just on the other side of that door. Really connect with the energy of THIS moment for standing at the threshold of new life can be very moving and very powerful. It’s a wonderful place to be, isn’t it?

When you are ready, maybe on your next breath, open The Door of Possibility. Don’t try to visualize all of the goodness to come. Many times the best gifts are unplanned and unexpected. Why rob yourself of being surprised? Just feel into that space and dream.

May all that is contained therein, all the potential, all the possibilities, be in service of your highest good, the good of our planet and all of her inhabitants. 

Many Blessings and Happy New Year!

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