Have you ever thought about how the perfect song, the one you absolutely needed to hear comes on the radio, or out of random shuffle in iTunes, at just the right moment?

I think about this a lot. As a singer, I’ve experienced Song Synchronicity many times. I frequently say that songs find me just when to need them. Like the time I was in the show, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and the song, “I Turned The Corner” was stuck in my head, only to realize it was a clue that I was to meet a really cute guy who happened to live around the corner from my new apartment!

Then there was the time when I was helping a friend through the life-threatening illness of her child, and was asked to sing the contemporary song, “Wylie” by Pasek and Paul, which mirrored my friend’s daily struggle.  This was followed by the time I was asked to sing, “A Fine, Fine Line”, from Avenue Q, in which I poured out my feelings and questions about my failing relationship.

Then, of course, there was the time I really needed to garner some self-confidence, and was asked to sing, “Believe In Yourself”, from The Wiz. There are a host of incidents like this. Some are really woo-woo ones that I know, for sure, were messages from loved ones and my guardian angels.

So you see, I think about song synchronicity all the time! Whether it’s a song I am asked to sing, one playing on the radio, or the incidental humming of a passerby on the street. My question is always the same…

“What message does this song have for me?”

Make no mistake! Song Synchronicity is bringing a message to you!

The Universe, Great Spirit, Higher Power, Divine Creator, by whatever name you call Her or Him, speaks to us through song!

I ask you to think of a time when song synchronicity happened to you. Recall that song, when it was, where you were, who you were with, what was going on in your life, fill in as many details as possible. What message did the song have for you? Where did that message live? Was it in words? The peppy melody? The rousing drumbeat? or was is the use of a certain instrument?

Music is strong medicine.
Medicine for the heart, the mind, the body, and the spirit.

I urge you to pay attention to the songs that pop into your life, whether they are sung on a playground, on the radio at the doctor’s office, blasting through the windows of the car next you as you sit at a red light. It could even be a tune that just gets stuck in your head.

Take a moment and sit with that song, really let yourself be. Wonder about the song, what it means and its relevance to your life. It may have the powerful message for you.

Let yourself experience… Song Synchronicity.

If you would like to explore tuning in to Song Synchronicity contact me.

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