This is a song I have never performed before. I was asked to sing it by a friend because he felt it was a song that should be included in the program and that it would sound good in my voice.

As usually happens, my musical adventures tend to mimic my life circumstances, a dear friend had just lost her husband and we were all sharing in her grieving process. Another friend is working through grief related to the death of his young daughter.

I find the synchronicity between events such as this in my life and the songs that come to me very interesting. They are typically songs I have never performed and in some cases, not this one, songs I have never heard of.

I believe it is a way that God, Spirit, The Higher Power, Source, speaks to me.

The event was The Spirituality of Broadway Musicals, held at The Congregational Church of Patchogue, on October 23, 2016. This was part of an ongoing series written by Rev. Dwight Lee Wolter.

The Video is Courtesy of Titus Kana Photography.

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