So much happened in 2017! Way to much to state here so I’ll give you the happy highlights!

Overall, 2017 was a year of getting back to my roots as a music teacher and voice specialist.

I continued to blend my music with my metaphysical and spiritual practice as I believe the voice to be the ultimate way to find healing both personally and as a community. My own performing was highlighted this year with offerings of sacred and secular music at the Congregational Church of Patchogue as part of the spiritually uplifting and thought provoking ministry of Rev. Dwight Lee Wolter.

Musically, my students participated in the NYSSMA All County, All State, ALL EASTERN choirs, and one was nominated for a “Teeny”, the Long Island High School equivalent of a “Tony” award. Some grew into lead roles, some bravely set foot on stage, and still others knew the excitement of getting “called back” for the first time!

Our student recital for Medford Music House, my family’s business, was held on December 1, 2017 at Tremont Ave. School in Medford where the young people played to a packed house of friends and family. In December, Medford Music House relaunched its DIY website along with a google ads and public reputation campaign. We are currently featuring Seniors for Seniors Music Lessons with Jim and Mary! We appreciate all of the students and parents who left us reviews. You can also find us on our Facebook page.

My voice empowerment work expanded this past year and I began teaching online through Facebook in my group, Voice and Biz Alchemy: Free Your Voice and Transform Your Life!, and also via Zoom, SKYPE and FB Messenger. You can also find free tips on my Kathleen Facebook business page.

Voice Alchemy 101 also known as Voice School Online is still getting rave reviews and another Voice School Online class will be added to the calendar for February 2018. This class is FREE and taught through FB Live in the Voice Alchemy group.

Collegium: A Year of Voice Alchemy for Women kicks off in January with Winter: Season of Silence, the much anticipated continuation of our work from Autumn: Season of Harmony.

Voice Magic Card Readings using Tarot, and other oracle cards, remain quite popular and I started posting some free ones online in the group as well.

Expanding on the Voice Magic Readings is a new offering for 2018 Sorella Sorcière’s Tarot: A Year of Voice and Biz Power which starts in January. We will be exploring the world of Tarot and how the cards relate to your voice and your business. I hope you can join us. If not, please like Sorella’s Facebook page for free info on lunar cycles, oracle cards, and other free metaphysical and musical fun!

The card image posted at the top of this blog post is The Hermit and it’s Key 9 of the Tarot. This is an inside joke to me that I will share with you. You see, in western numerology, my life path and my name are both 9, actually, my house is a 9 also, and this card is one of my birth cards. So the card is #9, and my family, who aren’t tarot aware, used to call me a hermit when I was growing up because I preferred to be in the house reading, to being outside playing. So there you have it a little Tarot synchronicity and humor.

Biz Alchemy continues to grow as my business, corporate training and website design program. While not all clients choose to have a website per se, they have increased sales and engagement in their own online groups through Facebook and other platforms such as Instagram.

Earlier in the year, I completed my Reiki Level 3 training and attunement with Kristen Orisini and Dawn Esposito – Peer, of Radiant Healing Long Island, and am a Master Reiki Practitioner in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage. This was the culmination of having worked with both Dawn and Kristen over an intense nine month period (number 9 again!) which included formal coursework as well as many hours of practical training both in class and on my own.

In mid-August, I relaunched my website, a DIY Website Makeover, for featuring the photography of Colleen A Sanchez Photography, on my home page and Voice Alchemy pages, and M. Levantino Photography, on my Biz Alchemy and card reading pages, was up and ready in mid-August. I say the site is DIY because I did ALL of the redesign myself, from theme to layout, including all of the graphics you will see on I could not have done this without the help of website master trainer, Christina Hills. Christina was kind enough to highlight my site on her blog and I will soon be featured on her new main page advertising. She also highlighted my site which is the title of one of my programs.

In October, I completed the six month True Voice Freedom and Business Training Facilitator program with Carolan Deacon. Carolan is invaluable as a coach’s coach. Carolan and I immediately clicked. We have so much in common. We are both professional vocalists, we are both entrepreneurs, we both work with people who have voice and anxiety issues and those who want to create thriving businesses, and now we have both been involved in Girl Scouting as she’s become a Daisy Leader!  

They say that luck is 90% preparation and 10% showing up. Having worked so much on the reinvention of my business, I was prepared in September when Linda Joy, Author and Founder of Inspired Living Publishing and Aspire Magazine, sent out a call for launch partners for her latest book featuring visionary women entrepreneurs, Courageous Hearts. I was thrilled to be chosen and, have my video, Eliminating Stagefright in 4 Easy Steps, included with the works of other female visionaries who I have followed for many years.

In addition to all of this, I am now a Sage Goddess Certified Holistic Healer, having completed an 11 month program of classes in aromatherapy and gem/crystal healing this year. As of December 2017, have also completed my third year of spiritual leadership training, Illumina, with Athena Perrakis, Ph.D.,  having worked through the Pillars of Priestessing and Sanctum programs. I have chosen to become a registered Sage Goddess Advisor and I am available for consultation. I may also provide referrals for any metaphysical tools that could possibly assist you in manifesting the life you desire.*

The most fun of my year was getting to meet my idols, Carole Demas and Paula Janis of WPIX’s, The Magic Garden. What a joy! This was a highlight of family fun for all of us! Which brings me to my next adventure, I am looking for opportunities to share with young people, my character, Sorella Sorcière, works magically with the cycles of nature and is easy for most ages to relate too, although the adults seem to love her best. I believe our world will be a better, more compassionate place if we teach our children to use their voices in a respectful way for the highest good of all. I find this work being needed as the US grows into a more techno-isolated society.

Reaching out, using imagination, talking, singing and making friends in the real world will be more important than ever before. As part of my past work with young people, I was a Girl Scout for many years, then a Leader, Consultant, Service Unit Executive Board Member, and am a former Suffolk County Girl Scouts Volunteer Recognition Award Winner. I have also been an Executive Board Member of my college sorority alumnae organization, Alpha Theta Beta Alumnae of Hofstra University, having just completed a three year term as President, our mission is guiding young women as they pursue their dreams as emerging leaders through quality education at Hofstra.

They say it takes a village and that’s been true in my life and in my business. I give thanks to all of those listed in this post and to so many others who have been willing to share a bit of wisdom and friendship to help me and my business grow.

I am a musical artist, business woman, holistic healer and teacher who gets results by helping others rise to their full potential. Sounds like The Hermit to me! As a Gemini Sun, I have two vehicles for this expression Kathleen and Sorella and we wish you a Happy and Successful New Year!

*As an Sage Goddess Advisor, I do make a small commission from referral sales to the SG website. I am not an authorized spokesperson for, nor an employee of, Sage Goddess, Inc

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